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New & Super Duper Amazing - Battle Gaiden Ninja Toad Turbo!!!!


Lady Bird Rage has an army of mechanical birds ready to take over the world. Her plan? To set free as many birds as possible to cover the Sun, covering the world in darkness.

You are Rivera Hayamucha, feared ninja and global turbo hero, the one who will try to foil at all costs Lady Bird Rage's plan by destroying all her pet birds.

Are you bad dude enough to save the global world?

Left Mouse Button - Attack Slash.
Space Bar - Jump (Clicking 2 times is a double jump).

FAQ or Comments to : contacto@ennuistudio.com

Website : www.EnnuStudio.com

Developers :
Gado Enrique Egremý
Daniel Martinez
Roberto Javier Guajardo

Lemuzaurio Teppelin
Isaac Muad'Dib

Music :
Edgar Eduardo Yáñez González
Alan Ramirez Arguelles

Regards & Enjoy it !

Comming soon:

- Working on Android Version -